Nov 18, 2021

Creator of Asta Fashions, Asta Jakubson, an international award-winning fashion designer, has released a report featuring her latest tips for choosing the perfect dress for each body shape. She stresses that there is a style that favors each woman.

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Asta Jakubson, owner of Asta Fashions & celebrity designer, dressed several international high end models to represent her latest collection in Venice where stars like Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, Kirsten Dunst, Carla Bruni  to name but a few were spotted on the same street as the designer’s photoshoot before the Venice Film Festival!  Tatiana Yakusheva an international catwalk model from Russia wore a spectacular red velvet gown, custom made by the designer Asta Jakubson. 

It had silver embellishment on the shoulders which had inserts of delicate red feathers almost creating a collar effect teamed with a simple silver headpiece, for her red carpet debut.

This dress is suitable for an apple shaped body, the owner of Asta Fashions said, like Jennifer Lopez has,who arrived in Venice the day previously looking very much in love with Ben Affleck on a romantic water taxi which is where Asta Jakubson shot some of her most recent looks.

Arianna D’Urso Wore Asta Jakubson’s Latest Cerise Pink

Arianna D’Urso model & actress who is representing Italy at Miss Universe wore a stunning cerise pink soft leather dress created by the designer to compliment the models fiery red hair. She was truly a vision, the dress itself was worn under an organza patterned cape, this was also teamed with one of the latest headpieces from the collection.

All of the designer’s headpieces are custom made, perfect for any special occasion or indeed to make a statement at any of the ladies race days like the Kentucky Derby or Royal Ascot!

“ I want all women to feel beautiful no matter what their body shape is, the secret is knowing what suits you best, in fact it is what inspired me to write my book “Tips for Brides” It explains very clearly how to choose the perfect dress for your body shape” the designer said.

Klio Loizou, a beautiful model from Cyprus, wowed passers by, wearing a truly magnificent silver gown made from a raw silver fabric which is not only high end beautiful fashion but the fabric also give health benefits when worn ( for more info about this fabric you can check which sported a large bow detail on the back; this was set off with one of Asta Jakubson signature pieces, her royal crown headpiece. 

The designer was spotted helping all of the girls at the photoshoot,  Asta Jakubson herself believes in always making her clients feel special & gets involved in all aspects from start to finish. It is this high level of personal service that has made her the success she is today!! From starting with only €200 in her pocket to winning multiple awards, being recognised globally & continuously in the press!

Asta Jakubson herself wore a stunning black gown to the event

She teamed this with one of her leather belts in a midnight blue colour which again is a signature of the designer, mixing delicate fabrics with leather & making a statement.

Interviewed before the red carpet event she said........

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What an honour to serve the Royal Family....

I can't express how proud I am to have been asked to design one of my head pieces for her royal Empress of Madani & to have been appointed as a member of the designer section!!!

Thanks to the Meath Chronicle for the wonderful feature#supportlocal

Fashion designer’s virus fighting clothing range inspired by the tragic loss of her mother to Covid-19

A FASHION designer from Dunshaughlin says she made it her mission to create a range of virus fighting clothing after she tragically lost her mother to Covid last year.

Asta Jakubson revealed the devastation of not being able to hug her mum goodbye or tell her that she loved her in person before she passed away in Lithuania after testing positive for coronavirus.

Asta’s mum Genovaite Jakubson (75), contracted the virus in hospital after being admitted for high blood pressure in March.

As a result, the Lithuanian-born designer set out to produce electromagnetic-force clothing that she says is not only practical, but fashionable. "I don't want anyone to feel the pain of losing a loved one so I have created a collection with huge health benefits to protect all of us.”

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Interview with Asta Jakubson, A Fashion Designer

Asta Jakubson is the founder of Asta Fashions, through which she offers custom-made apparel ranging from bridal attire to matching face masks.

Who or what inspired you?

From a very young age starting school I noticed how when we are all wearing our uniforms, we look the same, you can’t see anyone’s personality. It inspired me to create clothes where people can express their true self, stand out & be unique.

When and how did you develop an interest in fashion?

Watching my Mum cutting her fabrics, she would give me little pieces to play with as a child. I used them to make dresses for my dolls! They were the best-dressed dolls in the town!!! My friends started asking me to make dresses for their dolls so that’s how it all started!

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GrindSuccess Magazine recently caught up with Asta Jakubson to discuss her journey to Fashion Designer and here’s what went down:

So grateful to meet you! Your story is very very impressive, especially being as young as you are. Please tell us a little about your backstory...

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Loving this latest press!!

Thank you SO much!!!

Asta Jakubson started her journey with only 300 Pounds when she moved from Lithuania to Ireland. Within Few years after her migration, Asta, with her passion for fashion, came into the limelight of international media. But, her journey has not been a piece of cake throughout. 

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Global Celebrity Feature!!

Very excited to be featured in this beautiful magazine!!

Asta Jakubson, an Irish based designer, debuted her collection at Palais Clement Massier during OFF de Cannes – an offshoot of the Cannes Film Festival. Aptly named, ‘Be Powerful not Powerless,’ the collection was centred around the French heroine Joan of Arc which is translated into the looks seen on the runway.  

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Forbes VIP Party

The 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Asta Jakubson & Memphis Depay attend the Villa Forbes Party 3 during the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival on July 15, 2021 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Foc Kan/WireImage)

What a week I had in Cannes showcasing my new collection among the stars!!IFESTYLE 

Fashion Designer based in Ireland is the first to create a collection that combines high fashion with health benefits!!

How exciting that couture fashion has returned & what a place to kick it off surrounded by all the stars!
Asta Jakubson, an Irish based designer, debuted her collection at Palais Clement Massier during OFF de Cannes
– an offshoot of the Cannes Film Festival.

Aptly named, ‘Be Powerful not Powerless,’ the collection was
centred around the French heroine Joan of Arc which is translated into the looks seen on the runway.

Very proud to be featured in Time Business News!!!LIFESTYLE 

Fashion without compromising on Safety Measures

Whenever you talk or think about any wearing items being it is for a casual day by day use garments or bridal clothes you primarily focus on the design, which must suit the personality and become a signature designer for the person using it, making your events long-lasting memory stuff with beautiful look. One important thing which most people forget to determine is taking care of your health through some safety measures. As we are going through a pandemic that can only be overcome through safety measures as we cannot compromise on safety.

Focusing on this reality and fact designer 5G clothing have developed some new products which have gained immense popularity in little time and have won different awards as a recognition for amazing designing in different events which includes the winner of Style Awards, Best in Retails, Leader in Fashion, Wow Awards, Best International Success Mentor, Fame International Designer and chosen as Paris fashion week designer and the list goes on.

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EMF Protective Clothing-

The Complete Guide...

"Everyday you choose a new outfit to wear, whether you are getting dressed for work, school or to just lounge around the house. Nowadays, there are pieces of clothing available that you can wear with the intention of reducing your exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation.

EMF clothing is an expanding market with various new competitors entering and bringing with them new innovations and products. Many years ago, the only EMF “clothing” the EMF-conscious could use was the legendary tinfoil hat. Today, producers of EMF clothing are making products that not only work, but are fashionable and can be worn in a variety of situations or places."


So excited to see my designs in New York!

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Hi, Asta here!!

Born and raised in Lithuania with a passion, a fashion designer, and a dream, I’m honored to work in the fashion industry where I can help people remain safe & protect their health by wearing my 5G designs made from 99.9% Silver which protects from harmful radiation found in, WIFI, mobile phones, all electronic gadgets, even microwaves!

Protecting the planet is also very important to me & working with a sustainable fabric like silver does this. My designs are all handmade & eco-friendly. I want to only make high-quality designs that will last years & are not thrown away after one season!

I am so excited to see my protective 5G designer clothing now available to buy online in the hip store Flying Solo ❤️❤️!!

Protect yourself & your loved ones from this invisible killer, electromagnetic waves by wearing my new collection, made from 99.9% raw silver fabric. Designed & made with love in Ireland.

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