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Meet Asta.

"I still remember getting that call & the feeling of my heart sinking when I heard my Mum had Covid. I felt so useless as I was in a different country & could not be with her because of the lockdown restrictions. She lost her battle so young, an energetic 75-year-old woman who always ate healthily, always active, with a balanced diet. We had so many plans to do together, she was so proud of all of my succso much more to show her!! I never got to hold her hand or be with her when she was passing, give her a hug or tell her how much I loved her. The collection itself is made from 99.9% silver raw material. I wanted to design something that everyone can wear comfortably when exposed to this invisible killer.   My tops are trimmed with pretty lace & embellished with flower details. The design drapes beautifully across the chest & tummy area, they are such a flattering shape, they can even be worn while pregnant, my scarves are detailed with a digital printed silk fabric with an added necklace made from chakra stones that promote & protect the health & not forgetting the men in our lives, I have designed a simple vest which can be worn underneath your clothing, this is also available for children too!! I understand how important family is!"

The benefits of wearing this fabric are:

  • Silver has significant health benefits
  • Silver has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections
  • Silver ions aiding in cold, flu & virus prevention
  • Silver protects from harmful electromagnetic waves

But why do we need to wear EMF protective clothing you might ask. It can cause hormone imbalance, headaches, dizziness, anxiety & the scariest of all, it can increase cancer risk. Below is an educational video from top TEDx speaker!

Watch Jeromy Johnson -Wireless Wake-up Call
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  • Fashion Judge OFF DE Cannes Film Festival
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"Be Powerful not Powerless"

Protect yourself & your loved ones from this invisible killer, electromagnetic waves, by wearing my new collection, made from 99.9% silver fabric designed with love in Ireland


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