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Glam draper Top €280.00

From our newest collection this shielding top is amazing for working at your computer all day or at your laptop for long periods. It protects your upper body, especially for women & it is also super glam for the office with cute added details like our designer logo trimmed with bling & a coloured elastic waistband for added style & comfort. This style can be worn with or without the lace blouse underneath pictured here.

Buy now €280.00

Female vitality Top €199.00

From our newest collection we want to introduce you to our female vitality top. It is made from our glam silver protective fabric & can be worn over a tee as shown here in the pic or without. It is perfect for office wear while spending long hours in front of a computer as it protects the front of your body especially designed with the female body in mind. This style can be worn with or without the T shirt underneath, if you prefer to add the T shirt you can tell us what colour you prefer & it will be made especially for you.

Love knot Top €280.00

From our newest collection!! This protective top is perfect for the office while working for long periods surrounded by computers or wifi. It is made from our glam silver shielding fabric & features a knot tie detail on the front with a super fun elastic love print on hem.
This style can be worn with or without the T shirt underneath, if you prefer to add the T shirt you can tell us what colour you prefer & it will be made especially for you.

Aldusa halterneck Top €280.00

Introducing our newest collection featuring this handmade halter neck shielding protective top finished with our delicate logo design & beautiful bow detail tie waistband. Perfect for spending long days in front of a computer or laptop as it protects the chest area for women. It can also be worn as a maternity top & office wear. Looks great worn under a jacket, pictured here over one of our T shirts but can also be worn by itself. If you like the T shirt look underneath it can be made in any colour of your choice.

Felicia lace trim Top €280.00

Made from our 99.9% raw silver protective shielding fabric which is certified, this beautiful top is perfect for office wear as can be worn under a jacket while spending long days in front of a computer or at home. It is also the perfect maternity top as it gives protection to the baby with our shielding fabric. It is pictured here with a tee underneath, this can be made with or without the tee shirt, please let us know what colour you would like in tee shirt should you want that option.

Golda vest Top €149.00

Protective vest made from our 99.9% certified shielding fabric. It is perfect for the whole family to wear underneath their clothing. The silver is on the front of the vest with a light weight fabric on the back. Please contact us here for any special requirements. As this fabric is very expensive & of extremely high quality to add silver to the back of this vest it will cost an extra €50.

Golda vest Top ( with added silver back )

Golda male vest Top €199.00

Golda vest Top family bundle €398.00

Protect your whole family with our protective shielding vest top & save €79 as you get a children's vest for FREE

Ada turtle neck Top €270.00

This turtle neck top is perfect for wearing underneath your jacket while spending busy days at your computer in the office or at home. The front is made from our raw silver fabric which can also be added to the back should you want or we can insert a contrasting coloured panel at the sides. Just send a message here for any custom order requests.

Belle female Bandana €199.00

From our newest collection we have designed this beautiful beanie. It is a stylish beanie for cancer survivors or those facing a serious health crisis or chemo. Its soft elegant design makes it easy to wear & adds volume, this handmade unique design stretches for a comfortable & easy fit. Made from silver fabric with our cute designer logo trimmed with bling!

Bella protective Hood €199.00

This detachable hood featured here can be worn with any of the tops from the collection or as an individual piece added to your jacket that you wear everyday. Perfect for spending long days at the office in front of a computer as it is a protective shielding fabric.

Alina protective Scarf €199.00

As women, we really need our hormones in sync as they can really interfere with our moods! Our thyroid gland is responsible for a lot of mood swings & EMF can attack this area, knocking us out of balance. This handmade shielding scarf with beautiful beading detail is designed to block off these electromagnetic signals. The beading used is made up of chakra stones which promote health & relaxation.

Alina plain silver protective Scarf €199.00

As with all of my products, one of the benefits of wearing this fabric is it controls body temperature. Great news for us ladies who are experiencing menopause symptoms! Not only will these scarves help with hot flushes but they also protect your chest & neck area from these harmful rays. It is handmade with chakra stones added giving a necklace look which makes it super pretty too to wear out & about or at work in your office. I can add any color to the silver fabric as a contrast so just contact me & I will be happy to help.